Mid-Sussex Cricket League


(N.B. These Playing Conditions relate to the “90 Overs (Win, Lose, Draw)” matches.)

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1. Matches 

a)     Matches shall consist of a maximum of 90 overs, the team batting first facing a maximum of 47 overs, the team batting second having available the remaining overs. 

N.B. an unfinished over, in the first innings, will be considered to be a full over in terms of the match, so that the total of 90 overs cannot be exceeded. 

b)    All league matches shall be played with the MSCL approved balls as determined by the Executive Committee which may be purchased through the League. Two identical new balls (one to be used at the start of each innings) and an adequate supply of reasonable quality used balls are to be provided by the home side. Failure of the home team to provide the correct balls shall incur a deduction of 10 points for each offence. 

c)    All Division Five games shall be played on grass wickets. However, each team outside Division Five shall state at the start of the season whether its home games will be played on a grass or an artificial surface. Only in exceptional circumstances (not connected with the weather) shall a team be allowed to switch a league match to a different venue (whether an alternative ground of the same club or the ground of its opponents) from that indicated in the Club Directory section of the league website. Any such switch must be requested to the Secretary, who may allow it at his absolute discretion provided the opposition agree. 

d)     Before the toss signed team sheets must be handed to the umpires, or in the event that no umpire is present, exchanged between the captains.  In addition to the nominated players these Sheets must also indicate any player classed as "Overseas" or "Overseas Exempt” (see Constitution 7f) together with any player in Age Group categories Under 19 or below (each Age Group is to be shown separately). 

e)     No player may bowl more than 14 overs in a match.                          

2. Scoring 

a)    20 points for a win. 

b)    A team will get a maximum of 10 bonus points for what they do in the first innings as follows: 

  1. Win toss and bat – 2 points at 100, 125, 150, 175, 200
  2. Win toss and bowl – 2 points at wickets 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
  3. Lose toss and bat - 2 points at 100, 125, 150, 175, 200
  4. Lose toss and bowl – 1 point per wicket taken 

However, if a side bats first and wins they will be awarded 30 points irrespective of any bonus points earned. 

c)    A team will get half the bonus points in the second innings, as follows: 

  1. Batting second innings – 1 points at 100, 125, 150, 175, 200
  2. Bowling second innings – 1 point at wickets 2, 4, 6, 8 

N.B The maximum score for a draw is 15 points. Second innings points are not relevant if you win. The total points are calculated as first innings bonus points plus 20 points for a win. 

d)    A Tied match earns 15 points each, no bonus points are kept. 

e)    A player retired hurt counts as a wicket if unable to return by the time his side has no other batsman; but if a side is numerically short the absentee(s) shall not count as a wicket unless that side has no other batsman available. 

f)     Cancelled or abandoned games - 10 points or bonus points gained. NB: If 10 points exactly have been gained, they must be shown in the batting/or bowling column, not the abandoned column. 

g)    Failure to fulfil a fixture (including not being ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled start) 15 points to be deducted from the guilty side and 30 points to be awarded to its opponents. The guilty side shall be deemed to have lost the game, and its opponents to have won it. 

h)    A team shall be deemed to consist of a minimum of 8 players. Any team which defaults more than three times in a season shall be required to appear before the Executive Committee. At the hearing the Executive Committee will have the power to remove the team from any cup competitions they are still involved in, relegate them or remove them from membership of the league. If expelled from the league its record shall be expunged from the appropriate League table and any points gained from games against the offending team shall be withdrawn 

NB. Visiting teams who notify their opponents, after 10pm on the Thursday prior to the fixture, that they are unable to fulfil it, are liable to refund all reasonable expenses the home side has incurred (e.g. tea, wicket preparation, phone calls) up to a maximum of £75 (receipts where possible and if the home side having attempted to do so have failed to find an alternative fixture). 

i)     A side found to have fielded one or more ineligible players in any match(s) - a penalty of 30 points for the offence and the loss all points gained in the game(s) involved. Further, regardless of the actual result(s), the side(s) offended against shall have their points increased to the maximum obtainable for the offending match(s). 

3. League Placings 

The side with the most points to be declared champions. Further places shall be awarded in decreasing order of points scored. If points are equal, first place in the final table to be determined in descending order of preference, by: 

  1. the side with the most earned wins (i.e. not obtained on default)
  2. if still equal, the side with the most batting points
  3. if still equal, the side with the most bowling points 

If it is still impossible to separate the sides, first place shall go to the side(s) gaining most points in the game(s) between them. 

4. Fitness and / or availability of ground 

a)    If in doubt, the away side are to be contacted prior to their departure to discuss the situation before a decision is made to cancel. The away side to ensure it has a contact available. 

b)    If both sides arrive at the match the umpires, if available or the captains are to agree on whether the game should be played. If agreement cannot be reached the game is to be cancelled or abandoned.  Under no circumstances may a League game be switched from the nominated ground to another ground for reasons of weather. 

5. Umpires and Scorers 

a)    Umpires and scorers are to be provided where possible. If only one umpire is available, he may, with the agreement of both captains, stand permanently at the bowlers end. 

b)    If a player(s) is/are required to umpire he/they should ideally be cricketers who have knowledge and experience of the laws of cricket regardless of age. 

c)    If no scorer is available it is recommended that scoring be done in one book only and the details copied into the other book later to avoid any discrepancy. 

d)    Although there are no time limits, the fielding captain is responsible for ensuring that overs are bowled at a reasonable rate. 

e)    The batting side are responsible for ensuring the board is changed at least at the end of every over. 

6. Times and intervals 

a)    Before 1st August, 1.30pm is the latest start time, for the remainder of the season, 1.00pm will be the latest start time. If both teams agree, start times may be earlier. 

b)    30 minutes will be allowed for the tea interval or 20 minutes if not taken between innings, a 10 minute additional interval between innings thus gives total 30 minutes break. 

c)    Tea will be provided by the home side at no cost to the opposition and will be taken between innings if possible, unless the first innings ends before it is ready or a delay makes it expedient to take tea before play commences. 

d)    There shall be no more than one drinks interval per innings except in extreme temperatures. 

e)    If a side has not provided an umpire, the captain of that side shall act as umpire in any dispute; but, if there is only one umpire, he shall not be over-ridden by the other side’s captain. 

f)     The home side must provide an accurate and working match clock which must be clearly visible to both sides for the duration of the game. 

7. Weather intervening 

a)    Allow up to 30 minutes to make up for any time lost. 

b)    If there is any further delay in the first innings, the match shall be reduced by one over per each side for every seven minutes lost. (See overs reduction chart). 

c)    Once the first innings has been completed, no further over reductions are allowed if weather intervenes. Every effort shall be made to complete the overs but if the umpires (or captains if none) decide the weather makes this impossible the match shall be abandoned. 

d)    Once the match has started, it shall continue regardless of time or light unless the umpires (or captains if none) decide the weather makes this impossible. 

8. Individual players arriving late 

In the event of late arrival, the captains must discuss the matter before the start of the game, and, if they fail to reach an agreement the offending player or players must be available to play within one hour of the scheduled start.

9. Substitute fielder 

If a fielder is injured during the course of the game and has to leave the field, and the side concerned has no 12th man, the batting side shall provide a substitute fielder at the request of the fielding captain for as long as is reasonably required. (This shall not preclude the injured fielder from batting in his normal position). 

10. Modification of the Laws of Cricket 

Except where otherwise stated in these Playing Conditions the Laws of Cricket apply. However variations in respect of the following Laws have been agreed in all playing formats adopted by the League:- 

a)     Field Misconduct Sanctions - following ECB recommendations these sanctions will only be used in matches in Divisions 5 and above and then only when an ECB ACO qualified umpire is Umpiring. (Law 42);

b)     Fielder Absent or Leaving the Field of Play – Law 24.2 & 25.3 relating to the Penalty time for leaving the field of play will apply, but not until 15 minutes have elapsed. 

11.  Result Reporting 

a)    In accordance with Constitution 5g it is the responsibility of the home club to record the League result and full match scorecards via the Play-Cricket website by 10.00am the day following each match even if abandoned or cancelled. 

b)      If the home team fails to post the full result and match scorecard details by 10.00am the day following each match, a penalty of 10 points will be deducted from the home side. Any appeal should be made no later than the following Tuesday after the disputed result. The Executive Committee will then make a decision and notify the home team of the outcome.

Overs Deductions In Delayed And Interrupted Matches  

Overs remaining in match with delayed start or interrupted first innings after expiration of the 30 minutes allowed to make up for any time lost for weather interruption.

Time Lost For Delayed Start Or Interruption In First Innings (Mins)

Overs Available To Side Batting First

Overs Available To Side Batting Second

Total Overs Remaining In Match