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LRP 2017 Guidance Note To Clubs


Guidance from the Registration Secretary,            Mike Newcombe      newks@sky.com




All Players of Clubs must be entered and Registered as Mid-Sussex Cricket League Players on the Play-Cricket site. Only players entered on the site will be eligible to play in MSCL matches. Players must be registered before they can play in any League or Cup game. Failure to do so entails strict penalties.




1. Please ensure that this document receives the proper attention within your Club. The fielding of unregistered or improperly registered players will result in potentially severe penalties. It is understood, particularly in the lower Divisions, that late recruitment of players into a club (for example on a Saturday morning) may make it impossible to register that player in the ordinary way.


Under these circumstances post-match registration is permitted but in line with the match reporting requirements the registration will need to have been applied for by 10:00am on the morning following the match in which the applicant has participated.


The responsibility for ensuring that such a player is eligible i.e. being currently registered with a club in another league, owing money to another club or having disciplinary issues outstanding there rests with the club recruiting the player.


2. It might be wise at this stage, to check your list of playing members (including juniors), to see if they will still be active players. If so they can remain as a Registered Player for the Mid-Sussex Cricket League. If not, then please remove as a League Registered Player (LRP) list. That aside, the best advice (that it is safer for a club to register all its bona fide playing members) remains valid. You can make a start as soon as you like.


Please capitalise the first letters of both First name and Surname when registering a player. Full names are required for Play-Cricket. All players must be registered before playing.


3. A Player Category must be added to the application to become a League Registered Player. The categories available are; Category 1: England Qualified Amateur; Category 2: England Qualified Professional (on County Staff); Category 3: Overseas Player (select as appropriate).


Currently the Mid-Sussex Cricket League does not have any restrictions on overseas players but nevertheless a category still needs to be entered. The majority of players will be Category 1;


Category 1: England Qualified.

Players not born in this Country but who are English Qualified will need to add their Country of Birth. We shall also need you to fill in when the player entered this Country permanently.


Category 2: England Qualified Professionals (on County staff).

Are not eligible to play in the MSCL therefore we will not be using this category.


Category 3: Overseas Players

These are players who do not qualify under Category 1.


4. Registration of a player shall at any time be dependent upon all financial and other obligations to his former Club having been discharged. Satisfaction of this requirement remains the responsibility of the receiving club.


5. TRANSFERS - Players may only be registered with or play for one League club at a time.  A transfer is required if, having played a match in ANY League in the current season, a player wishes to play for a different club in the same season.  Transfers must be arranged using an approved Transfer Request form which will be available from the Registration Secretary or can be downloaded from the league website.  The form must be signed by the player concerned and the secretaries of both clubs.  The Transfer Request form must be received by the Registration Secretary at least seven days before the player seeking the transfer will be eligible to play.  Only after seven clear days from the time and date when the League Registration Secretary receives the completed transfer request form will the player become eligible to play for his new Mid-Sussex Cricket League Club or in the Cup competitions – providing he is not Cup tied.  The League Registration Secretary will notify the new club when the transferred player is eligible to play at the same time as sending a copy of the completed and endorsed transfer form.  It is the responsibility of the player or the club to ensure that the Registration Secretary receives the fully completed Transfer Request form.  Placing the form in the post does not guarantee that the form is received at a specific time and date.  If the player’s present club objects and refuses to sign Part 2 of the Form, the reasons must be stated separately.  Normally, the only reasonable objection is that the player has unpaid debts or other unfulfilled obligations to that club.  No player shall be permitted a transfer at ANY time or be permitted to play for another club within the League structure should he have any outstanding debt with his present club.


VERY IMPORTANT                        Transfers will NOT be permitted after the 30th June in any season.


If a Club has a player who intends to play League cricket outside Sussex (for example whilst at University/College in another County) the player must register with the League concerned and in normal circumstances cannot play in Mid-Sussex Cricket League matches unless he is formally transferred.  The Executive Committee will consider dispensations from this Rule in the case of players who, indisputably, have been "home grown".

6. During the season players can be registered at any time but should be submitted for approval at least 24 hours prior to the relevant league or cup match to ensure eligibility however in the unlikely event of a late dropout, the submission for approval of registration must be made before 10.00am on the day following the match in question. Eligibility in these cases is at the risk of the club seeking approval.

PENALTIES - See Constitution Items 8.e) & 8.f)


e) a side found to have fielded one or more ineligible players in any match(s) – a penalty of 30 points for the offence and the loss of all points gained in the game(s) involved. Further, regardless of the actual result(s), the side(s) offended against shall have their points increased to the maximum obtainable for the offending match(s);


 f) a side found to have fielded one or more unregistered players in any match(es) – a penalty of 10 points. If the player is not registered within 48 hours of the 10.00am deadline on the day after the match then the Executive can treat the player as ineligible and apply the penalties under Section 8e of the Constitution.


                                             ZERO TOLERANCE APPLIES


MSCL PLAY-CRICKET INSTRUCTIONS      (Also see LRP Play-Cricket V3 Instructions Document that is downloadable from the Help Guide section of your play-cricket website).


All Players of Clubs must be entered and Registered as League Players on the Play-Cricket site.


Only players entered on the site will be eligible to play in MSCL matches. Players must be registered before they can play in any League or Cup game. Failure to do so entails strict penalties.


A member of your club with Play-Cricket website Admin rights for that club should:


1. Login with username and password.

After logging in, click on your name, then Site Administration which will take you to the Admin page for your club.


2. Click on the Members tab of your site, then Member Database. A new player can then be added or if the player already exists on your site, click on the black hat, then the League Registered Players tab and add/amend as many or all club members to the site.


The following information MUST be included to register as a League Player.


  • First Name      (Capitalise first letter)
  • Last Name       (Capitalise first letter)
  • Email Address
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Post Code
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Player Category          (select as appropriate) 

Category 1: England Qualified Amateur;

Category 2: England Qualified Professional (on County Staff);

Category 3: Overseas Player


3. You can then add them as playing members of the League by clicking the Apply against Mid-Sussex Cricket League Registered Player and as you do so, the application appears on the League Play-Cricket site, for me to approve.




If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask.

Mike Newcombe

Player Registration Secretary

Mid-Sussex Cricket League


LRP 2017 Guidance Note To Clubs 


League Registered Players Frequently Asked Questions


Q:           Do all players have to be re-registered every season?


A:            No. Once registered, a player will stay as a registered player for your club with the MSCL until removed.


Q:           If a player joins our club from another club during the off-season, do we need to go through the transfer process?


A:            No. Each season starts with a clean slate


Q:           Do we need to register junior players?


A:             Yes, all players provided they comply with the directives detailed in the ECB Guidelines for Junior Players in Open Age Cricket need to be registered. In short:-


                 1.    Anyone in the Under 13 age group or older are eligible to be registered;

                 2.    Any in the Under 11 age group or younger are NOT allowed to play in adult cricket;

                 3.    Any players in the Under 12 age group may be registered if:-

                        a)   They are selected in a County Under 12 squad or an Area squad. In Sussex these are the East Sussex Titans and the West Sussex Spartans;

                        b)   They are 11 years of age and are in school year 7;

                        c)    The club has obtained written parental consent for them to play.


                 Until such time as the County and Area squads have been announced and notified to the league, no     applications for players with a date of birth after 31/08/2004 will be approved for the 2017 season.


Q:           Which play-cricket website do we need to register players through, the league’s website or our own club’s website?


A:            Your own club's website.


Q:           Will we still need to put league registered players into team squads?


A:            No. All players registered by a club will automatically appear when populating match scorecards for all of your club's teams in the league. You will not be able to add players to the scorecard that have not been registered and approved.


Q:           Can we register a player who is already registered for another club in another league?


A:            No. A player can only be registered for one club.


Q:           We have a player who will be away at University for the early part of the season and will be playing for a club local to where he is studying while he is there. Will we/he still have to go through the transfer process when he returns home at the end of term?


A:            No. Providing he is indisputably “home grown” a transfer will not be necessary however all leagues and teams involved should be made aware before the start of the season.


Q:           We have teams that play in both the Sussex Premier Cricket League and the Mid-Sussex Cricket League. Can players be registered for both?


A:            Yes, both leagues will appear when registering the player however separate approval will be required from each league. The same applies to the East Sussex Cricket League and the West Sussex Invitation Cricket League.


Q:           Do we have to enter "Date Last Entered UK" for all players?


A:            No. This is only for players not born in the UK. As we don't have any restriction on this category of players in the MSCL, I am not overly bothered with this information. If I can see that they have a history of playing in the MSCL I am happy for you to enter an educated guess. If a restriction on overseas born players is ever introduced to the MSCL further down the line, these players will have qualified as "English" by that time anyway. If you sign any new players who might fall into that category please obtain the correct date from them when gathering their personal information to enter.